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When most people think of wealth, they tend to think of expensive cars, celebrities, and the Hollywood lifestyle. But do you know that that’s not what wealth necessarily is? Do you believe that wealth is attainable even to those of us that weren’t born into money or make 6 figure salaries? You see, there are many individuals out there that on the surface appear to be wealthy, but what they owe far exceeds what they own. Though the definition of wealth can be personal, wealth to us signifies an abundance of assets. Assets, which when properly taken care of can be passed from generation to generation. At The Wealth Factor, our main goal is to motivate you to become wealthy regardless of your income stipulations. Through personal experience and other varying means, our mission is to change the narrative of debt and lack of knowledge of as the norm as far as money is concerned. We would show you how to create new money habits, treat your money like employees, and ultimately create a legacy of wealth which you would be proud to pass on to the next generation. Who said living a life of wealth was only for the rich and famous?

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