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Disney Dining

I bet you thought this was going to be a post about eating at Disney….not today.  Today we’re going to use the power of Disney to assist with meal planning. Meal planning is an effective method to save money because you know what you are going to cook for dinner. There’s no running out to grab something quick because you forgot to take the meat out the freezer. Nor is there thinned to know at 8 am what you want to have for dinner 8 hours later. 

I know you’re thinking, oh great one more thing to add to the ever growing list of chores. I know you’re busy. We’re all always busy. But stick with me on this one, it’s worth it! It is really worth it if someone else does the thinking for you. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and other direct delivery services are great for letting someone else do the shopping and planning, but I have found that it isn’t very cost effective. 3 meals a week will run about $60, and it gives you the exact amount you need for the recipe. Well, there are still 4 other nights in the week to consider as well. 

Enter Walt Disney and his magnificent collection of movies produced by the company he made. There is no official meal planning guide put out by Disney, but there is a great community of people on Pinterest who have. Head over to my board Disney Dining. It is full of dinner menus based on Disney movies. The board was cultivated to find menus for a variety of Disney movies and not just the animated classics, and I'm always adding to it!

When I was younger I remember every Sunday night the Wonderful World of Disney would air a movie at 8 pm. Even though this no longer airs, it was a Sunday tradition I kept with Toad. When she was little I would let her pick the movie for that night and try to make a meal that may has been represented by the movie. So if Lady and the Tramp was her choice, we had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Toy Story usually meant pizza night. Sometimes it was take out, but more often than not it was home made. 

The marvelous part of using this method is that it takes the guesswork out of what’s for dinner, at least it does for a night. The menu ideas also give you a shopping list for everything you might need for making the dinner items. You can use this as a one night a week meal plan, or use it for multiple nights. Print out the Dinner and a Movie menu and post is somewhere the whole family can see and you won’t hear “Mom, What’s for Dinner?!” Who knows maybe your spouse will even get it started since he/she will know exactly what it is.

This is a nice tradition to start with your kids (especially if they are young,) or your other Disney nerd friends. Toad and I tend to have more of our dinner and a movie theme nights during the winter months. When it gets dark early, we snuggle up under a blanket on the couch and watch some of our favorite animated shows together. During the Summer months however, it is more of our 'go to' Sunday night activity.  

Will you going to give this a try? If so, be sure to tell me how you liked your Disney Dinner Movie night.

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